Roof Warranty

OUR EXTENDED ROOF WARRANTY on your existing home.

There is no such thing as a “MAINTENANCE FREE ROOF”.

It doesn’t matter if we installed the roof or not, we can add the “Protection” to help ease your mind.

Did you know once your warranty is gone, calling a roofer for a repair will probably cost a minimum of $250.00? For a leak? TRUE!

Did you know even though your roof might be a 25 or 30 yr roof, the things that really keep you dry (Rubber boots, caulkings, etc) wont last more than 10 years? This is why after 5 years you need to stay ahead of the game.

Here is the process:

  1. You call or email us for the initial FREE Inspection. This is where we will outline everything we see with your roof. We provide pictures and video if needed.
  2. Once we go over everything with you on the things we see, we will tell you your options and how we can keep you dry for the long haul. NO, WE ARE NOT GOING TO TRY TO SELL YOU A NEW ROOF.
  3. Once you have heard our assessment, you can opt to move forward with our “Roof Warranty” or not.

Below are examples of the 1st leaks you will see.

Roof Pipe Collar:

A rubber boot that stops rain from getting in. Usually on the back of the house.

Roof Nail Pop:

The heat will cause nails to rise out of the wood. Yes, this is true, unbelievable, but true. This eventually causes a leak.

Chimney Mortar Cracks:

This allows water to soak inside of the chimney. This gets a new coating to stop the water.

Roof Nail Pop:

A nail that eventually popped through the shingle leaving a nice hole for the rain to flow in.

Roof Ridge Vent:

The venting vibrates from the wind causing the nails to rise. Eventually a nice hole for the rain.

Roof Chimney Flashing:

Even if you don’t have a Chimney, you have Caulking somewhere on your roof…..the caulkings will not last as long as you think.

There are so many more things that will be addressed on your roof, such as where the roofs connect? Where the valleys connect to the main roof? The exposed nails where the roof caps stop? so many more.

We address all of this and more.

Email us or call for a FREE Inspection.