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There are a few options when you talk about roof coatings. Not all Roof coatings are the same. Let us break it down for you.

Below we talk about 3 coatings. An “Elastomeric“, a “Silicone” and a “Rust inhibitor primer“.

All 3 have different strengths, so knowing what to use on your roof is critical. When using any of these products, the roof will need preparation, cleaning, prior leak fixing, etc. Once the roof is prepped, then the right product is chosen.

Elastomeric coating:

A very good product on metal roofing with a slight pitch. If applied right could last 10 years before a re-coat is needed. It offers a solar benefit to your roof saving you $$ on your energy bill. The only down fall is that the roof must drain really good. If water ponds on this product too long, it will come loose. So, if the roof is dead flat and poor drainage, I would not use this.

Silicone 100% Solids: (The best of the best)

It can be used on all roof products from metal, rubber, asphalt and shingles. It can be a dead flat roof with ponding water. It offers a solar benefit as well like the Elastomeric. If applied to a certain “millage” (thickness) it can be water tight for 50 years. This product is good Anywhere in the US.

Rust Inhibitor Primer:

This product is solely used to stop a metal roof from rusting further. It does not offer a sealer, it will not stop a leak. If you have a rusty roof that is water tight and just want to freshen it up…you could use this tinted in “White”.

During the Roof Inspection, we ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Is the roof dead flat?
  2. Does the roof have ponding water on it?
  3. What type of roof is it? Metal, Membrane?
  4. How old is the roof and what material will stick properly?

Asking these questions will ensure you get the right product for your roof!

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