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This page has primarily 2 functions,

  1. To line up your “Free Roof Inspection”.
  2. To view your “Password protected” online report.

Lining up your “Free Roof Inspection”.

To get your FREE Roof Inspection, we need a few things emailed to us:

  1. Your name
  2. Company name
  3. Address of property
  4. Contact phone #
  5. What type of property is this (Business or Residential)?
  6. Do you know if the roof is Metal, Flat, Membrane, etc?

What types of Roofs do we inspect?

  • Metal
  • Shingle
  • Flat (TPO or Rubber)
  • Roof Coatings
  • Residential and Commercial

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Below are the “Password Protected” inspections.

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Roof Replacements are Expensive!

A Roof Inspection will give you options that you didn’t know you had. Most roofers will tell you that the whole roof needs to be replaced? 90% of the time, this is false.

Roof Inspections determine the following:

  • Has the roof been affected by a previous storm?
  • Does the entire roof need to be replaced?
  • Is the roof repairable instead of replacement?
  • If the roof needs to be replaced, what are the other roof options?

RENTERS! We advise all “Renters” when assuming a lease on a building, HAVE IT INSPECTED!

Some of the related disputes we have seen in the past.

Problem: Client in Knoxville, TN. had been in a leased building for 2 years. The roof was leaking and the landlord asked the renters to pay for the roof. The renters claimed the roof has been a problem since they moved in.

The outcome: After the inspection, we advised the client (the renter) that the roof had been expired. The owner of the building knew this and tried to get their “New Renters” to pay for a roof that had been expired for years.

Problem: Clients in Atlanta, GA. rented a building from a landlord but never had the roof inspected before they got in to the lease. The roof started leaking, to find out the roof was way past it’s lifetime and the building owner should have made necessary repairs long ago. The building owner wanted a “New Roof”.

The outcome: We provided proof that the roof was way to old and even if the “client” had yearly maintenance done to the roof, it still would not have been enough. They came to a better compromise and moved forward together to rectify the problem.

Problem: A company from Charlotte, NC moved in to the leased building and neglected to have the roof serviced as per the “Lease Agreement”. The metal roof in this case started to show surface rust. The building owner wanted a “Full Roof” replacement.

The outcome: After we had completed our inspection, we proved to the landlord that even though the renter had neglected to do some roof repairs, the integrity of the roof was still good. The roof did not need a full replacement. They simply put together a roof maintenance program which included repairs to keep the rust at bay and sealed.

Problem: A Customer in Greenville, SC was denied a roof claim from Wind and Hail damage. Their insurance company denied their claim.

The outcome: The customer called us to inspect the roof, the Hail hits were very evident. The adjuster that looked at the roof was a “CAT Team” adjuster….meaning from another state and didn’t really care about the homeowner. We requested a local adjuster who was an “Official” Insurance Adjuster. In this case, they reconsidered upon the re-inspection and the roof was covered.

Password Protected Inspections:

Harry Gilmore, NC

Acron Plastics, SC

Seneca Blinds, SC

Teams, Piedmont

Dextron Plastics, SC

Mark Pruitt, Gafney SC

Holly Galloway, Simpsonville SC

Mr. Ballentine, Central SC

IPS, La porte

Douglas Extrusion, VA.


Fairfield Inn, GA.

Lowdens Mills, KY.

IPS, Thornton, IL

IPS, Philadelphia, PAF

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