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1st and Foremost, Whatever Roof system you install, you should have it inspected after 5 years. No roof is Maintenance FREE!!

By having your Roof inspected, it will save you problems down the road. What might be a simple fix could end up being a nightmare if neglected.

Residential and Commercial Shingled roofing:

We install asphalt roofing shingles ranging from 25yr to 50yr. 30yr Architect shingles are the most popular choice. These shingles can be used on residential homes as well as commercial businesses as long as the roof has a gentle 3 / 12 pitch or greater.


Commercial Roofing:

Shingles: As stated above we install all types of “Shingle” products.

TPO: This is a white membrane that is installed on most flat roofs like your Walmarts and Home Depots. This product gets rolled out into place. Screwed down and Heat welded at the seams for a nice tight seal. The white color is a trademark to help reduce you energy costs having being made of materials that do not let the suns rays heat the product up. You can google “TPO” roofing products to see more about it.



Coatings: Depending on the product, 100% Silicone or Elastomeric Acrylic? This is a thick paint like product that we spray on an existing roof. Basically, this system is used on roofs with a little slope.

The best system is the “Silicone”, you can read more here



Pressure washing:

We offer pressure washing services using products that will not kill plants or harm your pet.



Thermal Imaging:

A service we provide with pictures. This allows us to show you where you have moisture. It could be on a roof, ceiling, floors or wherever. We can also tell you where you are losing heat as well.



Exterior Painting Services:

We mostly do exterior painting.


The reason we use these products is because we want to make sure if there was a problem, we used a product that has a good track record and will stand behind their product.





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