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All Shingle and Metal Roofs have at least 3 of the 4 items we list here.

We explain the 4 most common leaks when it comes to a shingled and metal roofs.

Pipe collars / Boots:

All of your sinks, tubs, toilets and washrooms have to be vented so the drain will work properly. The piping is in the wall and goes straight up through the roof. The piping has a rubber boot around it so that water will not seep through to your ceiling. These are the #1 leaks if you see a leak near the kitchen or bathroom wall…this is it.

Pipe collars
Pipe collar removed

Chimney Problems:

The flashings will need to be re-caulked as caulking does not last forever.

Deteriorated caulking
Chimney flashing re caulked

The Top of the Chimney has mortar, eventually this must be sealed.

Old mortar on chimney
Mortar resealed

Mortar and Brick issues cracking, this will let water get under the roofing. The mortar can be addressed with different types of mortar sealers.

Cracked Mortar
Sealing the mortar

Shingle Repairs:

There are to many types of repairs to list. Hail and Wind damage, Missing Shingles, Curled Shingles and Shingles that are just wore out. HOWEVER, not all leaks come from shingles as we have shown above in our pics. Other leaks like Nail pops are common, causing a nail hole in your roof.

Missing Shingles
Nail pops
Nail too Deep


Venting is a must to ensure your attic space doesn’t over heat your shingles. There are many reasons for the venting, but for shingles it is so the attic does not get to hot and cook them prematurely. Vents get damaged, and develop issues.

Hail Damaged Vent
Crushed vents
Nails pop out causing a leak

There are many more reasons why your roof would leak.

These are the main 4

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