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Residential Warranty

Hello, 1st off, we don’t hide anything as you will see here.

Our goal is when we do your job, we never have to see you again because it was done right the 1st time.

However, in this business sometimes products fail and though it isn’t our fault…we still want to help you through it.


LET’S BE HONEST……No one likes to talk about warranties or past issues. Have we had leaks…YES. But, I will say this, there isn’t a roofing company out there that at one time hasn’t had to be called back to address an issue. So, with that, I will also say that our issues have always been a drip or a stain the size of a quarter…And there has been very very few of them as well.

Our warranty information is pretty cut and dry. We know that there aren’t many contractors out there that will be up front and post their warranty like us.

Feel free to visit other sites. The reason we post it? So that everyone is on the same page “if” something was to go wrong down the road.


It is all important. You will see we hide nothing!

Our work is warranted. However, we pick different warranties for different jobs. In other words, we never force a customer to use the best of the best product. Once we see what the customer wants to use, we then decide what type of warranty we supply. Every customer always knows up front what type of warranty we will be giving before we are awarded the job.

Material and Labor warranties do differ. Again, we never tell a customer what to use so depending on the material they choose, 1 roof can be a 2yr Labor with a 25yr material warranty or a 3yr labor with a 30yr warranty…..we only do 5yr and 10yr warranties in certain cases. The most we do is 5 years for labor. 10 years on labor is “Special cases” and you would have a document that we would provide to you if you had it.

Labor warranty:

Our standard warranty for labor on a job we performed would be 2 yrs. from the completion of the job. Unless you have it in writing from us stating otherwise….you have a 2 yr. labor warranty. If there is a problem, we will come out with no questions asked other than “What’s wrong”….we will fix it and no payment is due. Again..this is if your roof is under warranty for labor.

Material warranty:

This varies depending on the product you choose as the customer. It can be 10yrs, 25yrs, 30yrs and so on. HOWEVER, we are not responsible for the material warranty. We did not make the material and will be glad to help you file a claim with the material manufacture if there is a problem during your labor warranty time line.

Why are some warranties better than the others that you offer? There are many reasons, but the simplest one is….some customers do not want to spend the money on the good stuff, yes, the good stuff. Some customers know exactly what they want and as long as it meets code requirements….we will do it for them the way they ask. So, because they didn’t use a high wind shingle on a roof that should have one…or because they chose rubber pipe collars instead of the Lead (metal) pipe collars…..materials will not last as long…so the labor warranty is shorter as well.

Things that will VOID our Labor and Material Warranty:

If we do a roofing job for you and you have someone install things on your roof and it leaks, how is that our fault. Yes, this happens.

Our contract is with you (the homeowner), if you are selling the home, we must be notified so that we could inspect the roof for the new buyers. This charge is $250.00 to keep your current warranty valid. The dates will not change it just allows the warranty to transfer to the new homeowner.

  • If your house is affected by mother nature effects such as high winds from micro blasts or Hail Damage, we are not responsible for the work we did. This is where you would probably file a claim against your insurance policy. Hail and wind are probably the biggest concerns here in the Upstate SC. Hail with a microburst of high winds could loosen shingles and then it could be a yr. later to see the affects such as losing shingles off your roof. A leak and so on.
  • Any changes to a job that you did without our prior knowing will void your labor warranty with us.
  • If you sustain a leak from a roof we did and allow the interior to get messed up…how is this our problem? Call us right away if your roof is covered by the warranty. If it’s not under warranty, you can still call us and we will go over the fees and the procedure on how we are going to handle it….at that time, you can accept or call someone else. Do not think the leak will just go away? It will get worse and cause more damage. Either hire someone or do the repair yourself, but the longer you wait, that $250.00 repair could end up being close to $1000.00 in 2 months.  
  • If you have a leak from a roof we did and it is still under warranty, sure we will fix it. If you waited till the wood rotted and the sheetrock is soaked….NO, this is unacceptable. We will only fix the leak and bill you for the plywood and sheetrock repair. A leak is a leak. Once you see a brown spot it is time to call someone whether you have a warranty or not.
  • Spray coatings, flat roofing membranes and shingles: If you sustain a leak due to hail or any other acts of mother nature such as high winds….this would void a warranty and would turn into an insurance claim.

We have been up front and honest with our warranty information. Again, check out our competition….they don’t post it. YES, they all say they have a 100yr warranty, until something happens….then you see the truth.

To process a warranty claim because you feel there is an issue (within your warranty period):

We need it in writing. This is to protect you and us. Email us with the following information.

  1. The problem: Be specific as we may come out when there is no one home. An example is….standing in the front yard looking at the house, there is a leak on the left hand side of the roof in line with the 2nd window from the left. The leak appears to be about 1/2 way up the roof.
  2. We need the information of our agreement: We handed you or sent you an Invoice when the job was completed, we need the information off that sheet so that we can verify the agreement. Invoice number, Date, address and phone #.
  3. Once we have this critical information, we will get in touch with you promptly and go over the details.

Want us to assist you even though your warranty has expired?

Simple, we would be glad to assist you. Once we receive as much information from you as possible, we can then give you a price over the phone….this is why pictures and information is important. We don’t want to charge you a trip charge “just to come out”….we see that a lot. So giving us as much information is the key to keeping your costs down because we do not believe in adding to an estimate once we give it. Sometimes, it has to happen because of the unknowns…but on simple repairs…we are close.

Repairs differ in price, so giving us as much information as possible will help us give you a good idea on a cost to fix it.

All Deposits: If there is a deposit on material and for some reason there is a cancellation of the contract or a withdrawl of the work being done caused by a change in contract…..we will return your deposit subtracting 15% for contract cancellation, 15% on restocking fees for materials and Labor charges that occurred during the prep time of the job.

Questions and Answers

Why are some warranties better than the others that you offer? There are many reasons, but the simplest one is….some customers do not want to spend the money on the good stuff, yes, the good stuff. Some customers know exactly what they want and as long as it meets code requirements….we will do it for them the way they ask. So, because they didn’t use a high wind shingle on a roof that should have one…or because they chose rubber pipe collars instead of the Lead (metal) pipe collars…..materials will not last as long…so the labor warranty is shorter as well.

I got a storm claim from my insurance company and received my money from them….do I have to give it to you? No, you don’t. See, there is a difference when we price a roof. Here are the 2 differences:

  1. If we do your roof using the insurance money. We will look over the report and we will address everything that the insurance company paid for. This could include stuff that wasn’t even required for roofing, such as broken window screens, broken gutters, etc….but this would be discussed IF YOU CHOSE THIS OPTION.
  2. If we did your roof based on a general roof estimate. This means you filed your claim but DID NOT want us to see how much money you got. This option means we go up on the roof and look at all the roofing components such as shingles, vents, pipe collars and estimate if we think plywood could be an issue…..then we price the roof based on that type of inspection. THE BAD SIDE TO THIS is, we don’t know what your insurance company asked us to do….so, this will be on you later on. All we can do is give you options….we can’t make you show us your paperwork.
  3. If your insurance company told you to replace something….it is your responsibility to tell us this information. On that note…sometimes we see something that needs to be done for code reasons and the insurance company didn’t pay you for that….we can help you get that money from them.

When you do a roof estimate, how do we know how much plywood is bad? No one knows this until the entire roof is cleaned off from the old shingles and paper…..then, we call you and tell you what we found. During the estimate all we do is tell you how much each sheet MIGHT cost if we find bad wood. If it is bad..we replace it, if it is not, we don’t.

When you replace the pipe collars what type do you use? Most roofers (99.9%) use the Neoprene (plastic) boot with a rubber seal. We use these as well. They sell better ones made of Lead…they last “forever”. The rubber boots will break down after years do to the sun and the seal will crack causing a small stain on the ceiling at 1st….but eventually, if this goes unnoticed or un repaired….the plywood is slowly rotting. So, just because you see a small stain on the sealing, you could have a worse problem going on in the attic.

Do you replace the hot water heater pipe or the Stove pipe? No..no we do not. Usually this is metal and attached to your furnace or water heater. Usually the metal flashing is still good. When we remove the old shingles, we then inspect the wood, put new paper and then slip the metal flashing back into place…then seal it with approved sealers.

Approved Sealers? Yes, we use many types of sealers for different situations. A pipe that gets hot would use a different sealer than a pipe that does not. A rubber boot would get a different sealer than a boot made of Lead. But no matter what….all our sealers are “Approved Sealers”.

What about nailing? Do you use hand nails? No, we use nail guns. The reason is because we know that the nail guns do not get tired like a persons arm will. When the guys get tired, they don’t hit the nails as hard and they don’t seat properly. So, we use nail guns to ensure all our nails go the proper depth, everytime.

Felt paper? I see there are 2 types: Yes, 15lb and 30lb. Again, every roofer will bid with the 15lb . and if the homeowner wants to spend more money…then the 30lb is offered. The 15lb felt is what the minimum should be…nothing less.

Clean up? Is there a good clean up? I think we do a great job cleaning up. NO ONE will get every nail…but we do try. Concrete surfaces are no problem. Grass…especially high grass, the nails can hide and the magnet will not get them.

These are the basic questions we get asked now and then

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