Past Roof Warranty

We encourage you to read this entire page so you see we have been transparent.

This page has a lot of insightful information. NO OTHER ROOFING COMPANY explains in detail their warranty like us….we don’t hide anything.

If we completed a Roof for you and you feel there is an issue, please call our business line at 864-412-0566 or email us @ and we will respond with some questions to find out what is the problem.

When we complete a roof, it will say on your paperwork how long of a warranty you have. NOT every roof is the same, so everyone does NOT get the same roof warranty.

WHY? Because some customers basically want it as cheap as they can get and therefore, their warranty will not be as good as the others….just like anything else you buy in this world.

Our roof warranties DO NOT EXCEED 5 years on labor. Some clients only get 1 year on labor warranty because of the product or circumstances in the agreement. So, depending on what your paperwork shows is the extent of the labor warranty.

Within the 5 years if you have an issue,

We will be glad to come out and see what the problem is…..No Problem. All you have to do is contact us with the email we provided or call and leave us a message and we will respond.

After 5 years,

Yes, we will still assist you, but, there may be a charge. Again, just like a car warranty and anything else you buy in this world.

If you have a dispute or feel we did not address your concerns,

In other words, you have a warranty with us and can prove this in writing and we simply will not honor it.

By the way, this NEVER happens, but we want to give you the proper steps to take.

We ask for 3 things to ensure we are all being fair.

  1. Call our business line and leave your information and the problem. 864-412-0566
  2. Email us with your information and the problem.
  3. Send us a Certified Letter with your concern to ensure we are getting your concern legally.

Send your complaint to:

Trycounty Contracting

P. O. Box 51364

Piedmont, SC 29673

The difference between a Labor warranty and a Manufactures / Material warranty?

We stand behind the labor of the roof we completed. Some roofs are only 1 year labor but can be up to 5 years. If your paperwork doesn’t show a date or anything for the warranty, then you are automatically given a 1 year labor warranty on our work.

The Material warranty, this is usually covered by the company who made the product. If you have an issue with the shingles or something, these issues are NOT covered by us.

We offer “Extended Roof Warranties”.

We do this because we know when we install a roof, it’s done right.

However, things do happen over the years, this is a fact.

The Extended Roof Warranty is to help you from leaks later on down the road. This page right here “Extended Roof Warranty” will educate you on why this is a good deal.

Learning about Roofing and the problems and how to prevent issues?

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