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Metal Roof Repairs

Repairing and Restoring your Metal Roof is usually the way to add years to it. Roof Coatings have excelled over the last 10 years and have 10, 15 and 20 year warranties.

In fact, the product we use is the ONLY product on the market to offer a 50 year product warranty!!!

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Why replace when you can add more time to your existing roof? Besides, have you ever priced a New Metal Roof?

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Seams lift and separate as well as the screw fasteners loosen and allow water in.

Metal Roof Repair and Coatings
Metal Roof seam Separation

The Fix:

Sealing the screws and seams with high grade sealer. Most roofs have 1000’s of screws and 100’s of feet of seams. This leaves a lot of opportunities for the water to enter the inside.

Metal Roof Repairs
Metal Roof Repair
Metal Roof Repair


Metal Roof panels lose their original coating and will start to show “Surface rust”. In time, surface rust can become more of a problem if not treated in time as it shows below.

Beginning of Surface rust

Metal Roof Surface Rust

Metal Roof panel ignored after rust has started.

Metal Roof Rusted Panels

The Fix:

On all Surface rusted areas you have many options. Spot priming the areas with a “rust inhibitor” and / or “metal primer”. Then coating the affected panels or being proactive to save major repair costs later and sealing the entire roof.

Spot Repair on Metal Roof
Spot Priming and Sealing
Metal Roof Prime and Spot Repair
Primed and ready for Coating “if desired”.
Spraying rust inhibitor / primer
Fully Coated and Protected.

The Problem:

Penetrations are described as “Anything that goes through the roof” such as pipes, vents, HVAC units, etc. These areas are another concern for leaks.

Pipe needing to be sealed
Pipes and Panels need to be sealed
Large vent duct needs to be sealed

The Fix:

Repairing with a commercial grade sealer and then coating.

Metal Roof Repair
Metal Roof Repair
Coating the Repairs
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