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Commercial Warranties

Trycounty Contracting carries their own warranty program on some projects and we also offer a warranty that is carried soley by the manufacture. However, every customer is told to view our policy and our guidelines. In fact, we are the only company to have it posted to make it easy for you to read online…..no other Contractor does this, we have checked.

So, because we feel every customer has been given full disclosure on our services and warranty….if there is a problem and you do not do as we have asked and requested…..your problem will not be warranted and paid for by us. We will be glad to help you, BUT, there will be a cost.

Our work is warranted. However, we pick different warranties for different jobs. In other words, we never force a customer to use the best of the best product. Once we see what the customer wants to use, we then decide what type of warranty we supply. Every customer always knows up front what type of warranty we will be giving before we are awarded the job.

Material and Labor warranties do differ. Again, we never tell a customer / business owner what to use so depending on the material they choose, 1 roof can be a 1yr Labor with a 25yr material warranty or a 3yr labor with a 30yr warranty…..we only do 5yr and 10yr warranties in certain cases.

Labor warranty:

Our standard warranty for labor on a job we performed would be 1 yr. from the completion of the job. Unless you have it in writing from us stating otherwise….you have a 1 yr. labor warranty. This is for everything we did for 1 yr. If there is a problem, we will come out with no questions asked other than “What’s wrong”….we will fix it and no payment is due.

Material warranty:

This varies depending on the product you choose as the customer. It can be 10yrs, 25yrs, 30yrs and so on. HOWEVER, we are not responsible for the material warranty. We did not make the material and will be glad to help you file a claim with the material manufacture if there is a problem during your labor warranty time line.


Things that will VOID our Labor Warranty:

1. If we do a roofing job for you and you have someone install things on your roof and it leaks, how is that our fault. Yes, this happens and NO we will not repair something like this for free.

2. Our contract is with you (the business owner), If your company sells the business to another investor or business owner, we must be notified in writing within 30 days of the sale. We would like to keep things legal, so a certified letter would be the best way for us to proceed. Once we are notified, we would complete some or all of the following:

A. Make sure the new owners are advised on what the agreement between us was. Maybe you chose a substandard product? Maybe you didn’t opt for all the good extras? The new owner deserves to know what we agreed to on that project.

B. During the sale, we must be aloud to check the the project so we can advise the new owner what has changed or what we found.

C. There is a charge to transfer a warranty that Trycounty carries. The fee of $5.50 for every $100.00 of the contracted price.

If these guidelines are not followed, we reserve the right to void the warranty agreement as we feel you have been advised of our terms before, during and after the job was completed.

3. If your business is affected by mother nature effects such as high winds from micro blasts or Hail Damage, we are not responsible for the work we did. This is where you would probably file a claim against your insurance policy. Hail and wind are probably the biggest concerns here in the Upstate SC. Hail with a microburst of high winds could loosen shingles and then it could be a yr. later to see the affects such as losing shingles off your roof. A leak and so on.

4. Any changes to a job that we did without our prior knowing will void your labor warranty with us. Flat roofs are the most common problems because owners will let a HVAC Company go on their roof and change out the unit without sealing it properly, dropping tools and then patching it improperly and so on.

5. If you sustain a leak and you have electronics or expensive stuff getting wet? We advise you to move the electronics, your antiques or valuables out of the way. If you can’t, then we advise you to tarp the area to keep your valuables from getting damaged. Call us right away and we will schedule a time to come look at the problem. If it’s not under warranty, you can still call us and we will go over the fees and the procedure on how we are going to handle it….at that time, you can accept or call someone else.

6. Spray coatings, flat roofing membranes and shingles: If you sustain a leak due to hail or any other acts of mother nature such as high winds….this would void a warranty and would turn into an insurance claim.

7. Neglect and Vandalism is a key thing with commercial roofing. Neglect from HVAC techs and Maintenance personnel dropping tools on the membrane or cutting into the roof are the ones we see often. Vandalism is from people throwing objects on the roofing membranes or coatings…How?

Roof Membranes: Is a sheet that is laid on the deck of the roof….when something punctures it, it will leak. The membrane roofing is by far the best roof system on the market, but with that being said, it is after all just rubber and some other ingredients, meaning, it will not stand up to abuse. neglect, vandalism or severe weather.

Roof Coatings: This system is a roof preservation. A roof system to help prolong the costs of replacing a roof. A roof coating is a great system but will not stand up to Neglect, Vandalism and extreme weather conditions. If the coating gets punctured in 1 spot….water then travels underneath the coating, loosening a large section causing the coating to be easily removed by wind. Roof coatings will not hold up against objects being tossed on a roof or Hail hits as well. Sometimes it can take days, months or years to show up…..it all depends on the next big storm.


We have been up front and honest with our warranty information. Again, check out our competition, they do not post a detailed warranty page like we do….no one does.

To process a warranty claim because you feel there is an issue (within your warranty period):

We need it in writing. This is to protect you and us. Email us or write us a letter with the following information.

  1. The problem: Be specific as we may come out when there is no one home. An example is….standing in the front yard looking at the house, there is a leak on the left hand side of the roof in line with the 2nd window from the left. The leak appears to be about 1/2 way up the roof.
  2. We need the information of our agreement: We handed you or sent you an Invoice when the job was completed, we need the information off that sheet so that we can verify the agreement. Invoice number, Date, address and phone #.
  3. Once we have this critical information, we will get in touch with you promptly and go over the details.

Again, if we come out there and can prove to you that your problem was NOT a labor warranty issue or a material warranty issue, there will be a minimum charge of $250.00 for the trip and then the cost of the repair. We never know the cost of a repair, nor could anyone until the time of the assessment.


Want us to assist you even though your warranty has expired? Simple, we would be glad to assist you. Once we receive as much information from you as possible, we can then give you a price over the phone….this is why pictures and information is important. We don’t want to charge you a trip charge “just to come out”….we see that a lot. So giving us as much information is the key to keeping your costs down because we do not believe in adding to an estimate once we give it. Sometimes, it has to happen because of the unknowns…but on simple repairs…we are close.

Repairs differ in price, so giving us as much information as possible will help us give you a good idea on a cost to fix it.


All Deposits and Purchasing of materials: If there is a deposit on material and for some reason there is a cancellation of the contract or a withdrawl of the work being done caused by a change in contract…..we will return your deposit subtracting 15% for contract cancellation, 15% on restocking fees for materials and Labor charges that occurred during the prep time of the job. Even if there is no deposit, and we lay out money for the materials, there will be a 15% restocking fee, 15% material handling (to us) and 15% contract withdrawl do to no fault of ours.

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